Kamis, 31 Januari 2013

Karangan pengalaman sekolah (bahasa inggris)

 tugas mengarang bahasa inggris

         My story from when I was in high school in pasuruan decision.Initially I did not want a school in Pasuruan, because I actually want to go to school in the department of music at surabaya, but the will of the parents turned around, I was told to go to school to sign with a major pasuruan ruminant agribusiness.
Initially I was not familiar with the atmosphere in pasuruan, besides deserted well away from the crowds at night. while I was in gresik used to the noise every day. but in the end little by little, I learned for the adaptation of the situation here.
pasuruan not easy to live in and not as in the imagined, the temperature here makes me want to fall asleep and not wake up and end the end I rarely go to school because it is too comfy blankets will warm embrace in my sleep.
and so on.
         I learned a lot of independence and how it feels to be away from family, from washing their own clothes, preparing all his own, manage their own finances, tidy bedroom self and others.
early to go to class ten have made me tired, how not? I was chosen as the head of the class a little bit of a target teachers will swear As with responsibility for class president, and so on down the grade.
beginning of the eleventh grade, to me is a greater challenge as more and more tasks from all eyes but also ter training practice charge with the industry in the second semester, I was placed in KUD Dau. and there really will teach discipline, but also annoying because its employees harder and requires me to be patient and braced myself.
a year went by and I went up to grade twelve.
stepped to the twelfth grade will make increasingly burdened tasks of all eye training that I often tired and complain.
        half a year went by and I was facing a new challenge in the second half, which will prepare a national exam that consists of twenty types of packets. it confused me and made ​​me force myself to work harder, and bit by bit to break my deck.

       each consumed my day started with a flurry of busyness that intentionally programmed by the teacher for the habit of hard work in learning, ranging from daily chores, plus the extra lessons after school hours until the afternoon, until about the national exam. and as well as try out four times in 2 months.
focused my mind every day will prepare the exam skills, practice exams, written exams and national exams.
now can only keep trying to prepare for it with the target value of the national exam 9:00.
        I expect a satisfactory grade in the final school here in the hope I want to continue to study at universities in Surabaya Uner, and I hope I can get in the FKH S1.
a lot of things that I got out of school at this pasuruan. besides getting the full experience of life with independence, and knowledge of world farming.
        I have hope in order to better improve vocational quality of teaching, especially in ruminant agribusiness majors, I wish there was a lecturer who holds a doctorate in ruminant agribusiness majors, because it also will remind the quality of graduates from ruminant agribusiness majors better and more advanced. SMK and hopefully it will all advanced.